Queijaria Martins

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Queijaria Martins

Queijaria Martins is a goat cheese factory founded by a young couple living in Portela da Nave do Barão and a project supported by Associação In Loco and EU funding. This local factory’s main purpose is to produce artisanal goat cheese from the milk of hundreds of sevillian goats. In the manufacture process, the cheese whey goes through inox containers with temperatures from 0 to 90 degrees, whereas coagulation is induced using thistle rennet.

The cheese manufacture meets the hygienic and food safety standards required by law and is solely and exclusively focused on fresh cheese, there being no manufacture of ripened cheese. Meanwhile, Queijaria Martins plans to keep delighting local residents with its fresh cheeses, although currently being commercialized in large areas of the eastern Algarve as well.

This cheese factory is a fine example of entrepreneurship in the Algarve’s “barrocal”, having received the visit of former President of the Republic of Portugal Cavaco Silva. This helped provide more visibility to this evergrowing project, which also contributed to create regional employment.

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