Those who visit Casa da Tita can enjoy an array of various activities where Bio Tourism is concerned. These allow you to experience and explore the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the surrounding environment and region.

Here you will find the perfect place to take a break from the everyday city life and be in perfect harmony with nature, inviting you to discover the local fauna and flora. You can also take part in the harvest of traditional fruit from the dryland orchard (carobs, almonds, figs and olives) or agricultural activities in a polyculture vegetable garden where an organic production method is operated.

Diversified activities, in the scope of Biotourism:

Organic farming
Pedestrian walks and hikes
Guided walking tours in the Protected Landscapes of Rocha da Pena, Fonte Benémola and Quinta do Freixo (minimum enrollment of 2)
Bird ringing (every Saturday morning)
Traditional farming activities
Logistical support for Via Algarviana
Cycling in the surrounding área (free bicycle rental)
Hunting on an association’s game reserve (only if pre-arranged, limited to one vacancy)
Homemade wine production (only in September)
Homemade wine tasting
Safaris in the region (subject to enrollment)
Quad Bikes or Buggy tours (subject to enrollment)
Guided tours to a local homemade cheese factory and a regional medronho distillery
Guided tours to the wine cellar of Adega da Tôr (depends upon availability of the wine cellar)
Guided tours to the aromatic garden and the biologic garden
Traditional flavours and knowledge workshops:

Olive harvest (only in late October or early November)
Dry figs filled with almonds
Production of liqueur with seasonal fruits and aromatic plants
Medicinal and aromatic plants (infusion, decoction, maceration, dyes, syrups, compresses and poultices)
Confectionery with fruit from the dryland orchard (carob, almond and fig)

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