Casa da Tita is a small and cozy countryside guesthouse located in the village of Nave do Barão

Prices (VAT included)

Low Season (October 1st to March 31st)
Per NightPer Week
Pink Room (1 adult)40€255€
Pink Room (2 adults)50€325€
Pink Room (3 adults)60€390€
Green Room (1 adult)40€255€
Green Room (2 adults)50€325€
Cistern Room (1 adult)40€255€
Cistern Room (2 adults)50€325€
Granary Apartment (1 Adult)50€325€
Granary Apartment (2 Adults)60€395€
Granary Apartment (3 Adults)70€455€
Granary Apartment (4 Adults)80€520€
Hayloft Apartment (1 Adult)60€395€
Hayloft Apartment (2 Adults)70€465€
Hayloft Apartment (3 Adults)80€535€
Hayloft Apartment (4 Adults)90€605€
Hayloft Apartment (5 Adults)100€665€
High Season (June 1st to September 30th)
Per NightPer Week
Pink Room (1 adult)70€490€
Pink Room (2 adults)80€560€
Pink Room (3 adults)90€630€
Green Room (1 adult)70€490€
Green Room (2 adults)80€560€
Cistern Room (1 adult)70€490€
Cistern Room (2 adults)80€560€
Granary Apartment (1 Adult)80€560€
Granary Apartment (2 Adults)90€630€
Granary Apartment (3 Adults)100€700€
Granary Apartment (4 Adults)110€770€
Hayloft Apartment (1 Adult)90€630€
Hayloft Apartment (2 Adults)100€700
Hayloft Apartment (3 Adults)110€770€
Hayloft Apartment (4 Adults)120€840€
Hayloft Apartment (5 Adults)130€910€
Mid Season (April 1st to May 31th)
Per NightPer Week
Pink Room (1 adult)50€300€
Pink Room (2 adults)60€370€
Pink Room (3 adults)70€440€
Green Room (1 adult)50€300€
Green Room (2 adults)60€370€
Cistern Room (1 adult)50€300€
Cistern Room (2 adults)60€370€
Granary Apartment (1 Adult)60€370€
Granary Apartment (2 Adults)70€440€
Granary Apartment (3 Adults)80€510€
Granary Apartment (4 Adults)90€580€
Hayloft Apartment (1 Adult)70€440€
Hayloft Apartment (2 Adults)80€510€
Hayloft Apartment (3 Adults)90€580€
Hayloft Apartment (4 Adults)100€650€
Hayloft Apartment (5 Adults)110€745€

Breakfast Included
Extra Bed - 10 € fee
Children up to 12 years old wont pay accommodation.
Children between 6 and 12 years old will pay 5 € per day for breakfast if the stay is longer than a week