Miguel Guerreiro

28 Februar, 2021

Rocha da Pena

A mystery to unravel, Rocha da Pena (479 metres high) is one of the several elevations within the Barrocal region. It is located in between the […]
20 Dezember, 2020

Online Beschwerdebuch

Hier können Sie sich über Casa da tita beschweren: Online Beschwerdebuch
19 Februar, 2019

Queijaria Martins

Queijaria Martins is a goat cheese factory founded by a young couple living in Portela da Nave do Barão and a project supported by Associação In […]
19 Februar, 2019

Medieval Fair in Salir

Every year thousands of visitors roam Salir’s streets and narrow alleyways, amongst centuries-old battlements corroded by time and stones evoking memories archived in the Polo Museológico […]