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Those who visit Casa da Tita can enjoy an array of various activities where Bio Tourism is concerned. These allow you to experience and explore the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the surrounding environment and region.

Here you will find the perfect place to take a break from the everyday city life and be in perfect harmony with nature, inviting you to discover the local fauna and flora. You can also take part in the harvest of traditional fruit from the dryland orchard (carobs, almonds, figs and olives) or agricultural activities in a polyculture vegetable garden where an organic production method is operated.

  • Organic farming
  • Pedestrian walks and hikes
  • Guided walking tours in the Protected Landscapes of Rocha da Pena and Fonte Benémola (every weekend, minimum enrollment of 5)
  • Bird ringing (every Saturday morning)
  • Traditional farming activities
  • Logistical support for Via Algarviana
  • Cycling in the surrounding área (free bicycle rental)
  • Hunting on an association’s game reserve (only if pre-arranged, limited to one vacancy)
  • Homemade wine production
  • Homemade wine tasting
  • Safaris in the region (subject to registration)
  • Mountain biking, Cyclocross and BMX (charged bicycle rental)
  • Astronomical observation
  • Guided tours to a local homemade cheese factory and a regional medronho distillery
  • Guided tours to the wine cellars of Adega do Cantor and Adega da Tôr
  • Guided tours to the aromatic garden and the biologic garden

Traditional flavours and knowledge workshops:

  • Olive harvest and preservation (only in October)
  • Bread and Easter-cake baking in a traditional oven (in the Easter)
  • Dry figs filled with almonds
  • Production of liqueur with seasonal fruits and aromatic plants
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants (infusion, decoction, maceration, dyes, syrups, compresses and poultices)
  • Confectionery with fruit from the dryland orchard (carob, almond and fig)



How do I get to Casa da Tita?

Casa da Tita is located on the municipal road 1184, in the village of Nave do Barão. If you leave Loulé in direction to Salir you will pass the small villages of Andrezes, Vendas Novas da Tôr and Mesquita. After Mesquita look for the T-junction with a road sign indicating Nave do Barão to your left. Follow the sign into the valley until you reach the village. Our establishment is located just after the entrance to the village on the right hand side.

If you are coming from the N124/Messines/Sines exit of the A2 motorway you should follow the road towards Paderne/Salir. After you pass the village of Alte you will reach Benafim, follow the village road until you reach a roundabout and turn right. Follow this road until you reach a T-junction with a road sign indicating Nave do Barão along the left hand side of the road. Follow this road to Nave do Barão, Casa Tita is on the far end of the village.

Do you offer free shuttle service from the airport?

We do not provide free shuttle service from the airport. Nonetheless, we will be more than happy to provide that service if it is pre-arranged.

Do you organize tourist trips and hikes?

Yes, as a matter of fact we can arrange trips or hikes for over 10 people.

Do you have accessible rooms?

Yes, we do. The granary apartment is prepared for accessible tourism and endowed with the required facilities for people with physical limitations or a mobility-related disability.

Are pets allowed in the rooms or on the property?

Yes, pets are allowed in the apartments and the surrounding area, however they are not allowed in the green, pink and cistern bedrooms, in the lounge/reception and the swimming pool area.

Do you provide room and laundry service?

No, we do not offer those services. However, we may provide access to the laundry equipments for guests who stay in Casa da Tita for over a week.

Is my ID/passport required at check-in?

Yes, we do ask for the presentation of a valid identification at the time of check-in. If you are Portuguese, we only demand the identification from one of the guests. If you come from abroad, we must ask for everyone’s ID/passport.

What is your cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation within the 5 days before arrival, we charge 15% of the total price of the booking. Therefore, we ask for the guests to warn us about the cancellation in advance.

Can I make a booking on behalf of another person but pay with my own credit card?

Yes, that is possible. In this case, the invoice may be issued in the name of the person who either made the booking or the payment.

What is the check-in time?

From 3 p.m. to 12 a.m.

What is the check-out time?

From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Do you allow smoking in the rooms?

No, we do not. It is only permitted to smoke in the exterior areas.

We are travelling with a newborn. Do you provide cribs? Is there an additional fee?

Yes, we provide it as long as you request it when booking for a room. There is no extra charge.


* VAT included

Mid Season (April 1st to May 31th)

Room (adults) Per Night Per Week
Pink Room (1 adult) 50€ 300€
Pink Room (2 adults) 60€ 370€
Pink Room (3 adults) 70€ 440€
Green Room (1 adult) 50€ 300€
Green Room (2 adults) 60€ 370€
Cistern Room (1 adult) 50€ 300€
Cistern Room (2 adults) 60€ 370€
Granary Apartment (1 adult) 60€ 370€
Granary Apartment (2 adults) 70€ 440€
Hayloft Apartment (1 adult) 70€ 440€
Hayloft Apartment (2 adults) 80€ 510€
Hayloft Apartment (3 adults) 90€ 580€
Hayloft Apartment (4 adults) 100€ 650€
Breakfast Included
Extra Bed - 10 € fee
Children up to 12 years old wont pay the lodging.

Mid Season (April 1st to May 31th)

Low Season (October 1st to March 31st)

Room (adults) Per Night Per Week
Pink Room (1 adult) 45€ 290€
Pink Room (2 adults) 55€ 360€
Pink Room (3 adults) 65€ 430€
Green Room (1 adult) 45€ 290€
Green Room (2 adults) 55€ 360€
Cistern Room (1 adult) 45€ 290€
Cistern Room (2 adults) 55€ 360€
Granary Apartment (1 adult) 50€ 325€
Granary Apartment (2 adults) 60€ 395€
Hayloft Apartment (1 adult) 60€ 395€
Hayloft Apartment (2 adults) 70€ 465€
Hayloft Apartment (3 adults) 80€ 535€
Hayloft Apartment (4 adults) 90€ 605€
Breakfast Included
Extra Bed - 10 € fee
Children up to 12 years old wont pay the lodging.

Low Season (October 1st to March 31st)

High Season (June 1st to September 30th)

Room (adults) Per Night Per Week
Pink Room (1 adult) 60€ 405€
Pink Room (2 adults) 70€ 475€
Pink Room (3 adults) 80€ 545€
Green Room (1 adult) 60€ 405€
Green Room (2 adults) 70€ 475€
Cistern Room (1 adult) 60€ 405€
Cistern Room (2 adults) 70€ 475€
Granary Apartment (1 adult) 70€ 475€
Granary Apartment (2 adults) 80€ 545€
Hayloft Apartment (1 adult) 80€ 545€
Hayloft Apartment (2 adults) 90€ 615€
Hayloft Apartment (3 adults) 100€ 685€
Hayloft Apartment (4 adults) 110€ 755€
Breakfast Included
Extra Bed - 10 € fee
Children up to 12 years old wont pay the lodging.

High Season (June 1st to September 30th)

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